Friday, May 20, 2011

What I've been up to

So you know Faye and I went to MQX last month (is it over a month already???) and then I kinda fell off the planet. Well I have been busy. Really. Really. Busy.
One of the customer quilts waiting for me when I got back was a birthday gift for a Guitar-playing grandson.
 His Grandma really worked her embroidery machine hard on this one. Around each large picture are names of bands or musical phrases.

Then there was Carmen's quilt for Japan. I got to use my new clam shell pattern for this one.

And finally, Mrs. Foster's Field of Daisies.

This is the raffle quilt for the Roques Bluff Community chapel this year and as usual, she let me do what I wanted. I used some of the toys tools I got at MQX and several of the ideas I saw there. Hey, I have to have some justification for buying all this stuff.
So here are the details on Field of Daisies...

The little diagonal feather was inspired by Linda Thielfold's Almost Amish quilt. The echo around things is a technique that Ronda Beyer uses a lot.

This medallion in the border is actually one stencil drawn sideways and then mirrored- a Karen McTavish trick. And the curved cross-hatch is from Karen McT. & Ronda Beyer.

 This is the back. And the pictures all came out really well thanks to a product photography class put on by Downeast Business Alliance that got squeezed in there the Saturday after we got back.

So now you know, I'm not just lounging around eating bonbons. And I need to get back to work. Another quilt is almost done so there will be more pictures to share.

Don't tell me not to burn the candle at both ends
Tell me where to get more wax!