Monday, August 08, 2011

Small things day 2

So, you thought I'd wimp out the second day didn't you? Well, I really really want this renovation done. I have a dream of having a holiday open house, so time is NOT on my side.

I confess today's small thing is not much, but it's one of the little luxuries I planned for the studio. It is an in-the-floor electric receptacle. It goes right under the longarm. That's right, no more tripping over the cord, no more extension cords, just a plug just where I need it. Yes, I have given much amusement to several electricians, but they are men and don't quilt, how could they EVER understand?

It's pretty much like a regular outlet, you cut a hole and put in the box, wire in the outlet and tighten it down

The cool part is the gaskets and brass cover that keeps dust, threads, water and stuff out. Like there will be any of that stuff around...

All tightened down with the brass plugs off. The outlets always look like little faces to me... Shocked little faces... That's an electrical joke...

See, all sealed and waiting. Tomorrow it will get hooked up.

As a surprise, while I was fishing wire under the floor I found something kinda cool, no, not hidden money (I wish) but close.

A canceled check from 1947 written by George Frye. The name painted on the safe is E.M. Frye & Co. I think there is some local history research in my future. 

Quilty stuff tomorrow, I promise.

Don't tell me not to burn the candle at both ends
Tell me where to get more wax!

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Brenda said...

I think that we need to make small changes in our creative rooms that will help us not trip over cords, bang into things - just to make the room more functional and, yes, better!!
That floor outlet is a fantastic idea and one that will be well used!! Think of what 'you' need, not what the general public will think!!! Love it!!!