Thursday, August 11, 2011

Scrap Basket Mystery Step 5

It's Thursday again! Everybody caught up? It's time to start putting some of those pieces together...
But first, (and above the jump for people who don't want to see the clue) is a bit of quilty goodness compliments of  two customers.

First is Joyce's Starry Sampler from class last spring.

I love seeing a design that started in my head actually turn into a quilt. And in class, even though everyone does the same pattern, the quilts are all so different. This quilt is so cheerful and spring-like. I used a new quilting design on this. It's actually an oriental design called 7-Treasures, but overall interlocking rings looks good anywhere.

Fran's Autumn Butterflies is another recent one. It's a great quilt, but I'm not ready for fall quite yet. There's butterflies in the fabric and quilted butterflies in the border. I'll try to find the detail picture.

OK, so now for this week's clue...

Short Directions:

Using the 3 ½” dark and light squares from step 4 and the 3 ½” HSTs from step 2, make 33 units that are Light-Dark-Dark; 33 units that are Light-Light-HST and 33 units that are Dark-Dark-HST. Check the diagram below to be sure the HSTs slant the correct way. Press the units with HSTs toward the center and the all square units  away from the center.

More Details:
  • No cutting this week- you have it all done!
  • Find 3 small paper bags-lunch size is good
Set aside 34 dark and 16 light 3 ½” squares from step 4. And 4 of the HSTs from step 2. This is part of my pile of parts. Some just "lovely" fabrics in there huh?

This is the part where more is better. Put the remaining dark squares in one paper bag, the light squares in another bag and the HSTs in the third bag. BE BRAVE… Assemble 33 of each of the following units by picking a random piece from each bag as needed. The only time you can throw back a square is if it matches the square to which it will be sewn. Be sure to watch the orientation of the HST.    Let yourself go…You can do this!

Unit #1- Light-Dark-Dark.
Press seam allowances away from center.

Unit #2 Light-Light-HST. Watch the direction of the HST. Press these seams toward the center.

Unit #3 Dark-Dark-HST. Same reminder as above, watch the HST direction and press seams toward the center.

Yes, the yellow can be a dark, when compared to the white in the HST.
And you're done for this week. Got any ideas yet?

Don't tell me not to burn the candle at both ends
Tell me where to get more wax!


Brenda said...

No, I don't have any ideas - yet!! But once I have my pieces sewn and am looking at them.... weelll, maybe something will come to me!!!
Either way, I am enjoying this!!! Thank-YOU!!!

Sandie ~call me crazy said...

Akkk, I'm a little behind in cutting pieces, but can't wait to start sewing!! :-) Thanks so much for the fun!