Sunday, August 07, 2011

Baby Steps

The building my shop is in was built sometime in the 1850's... I think.

It has been the office for a shipyard (yep, where they built 4-masted schooners) the office for a lumber yard, a real estate office, an antique shop and now a longarm quilter's shop. But, somehow through all of that the upstairs has never been finished.  

Anybody who knows me (and even some people who don't) have been hearing about my "new studio" plans for ages. They must be really tired of it by now. My plan is to move all the messy stuff upstairs- the longarm, my sewing machines, cutting table, everything. That will leave the downstairs for a retail and quilt take-in area that is (mostly) free of thread, lint, dust, batting scraps, fabric trimmings... you know the stuff that is just a part of working. The problem is, I am cheap, and like doing the work myself, so the progress has been really really slow.
Today that changes...

I still don't have great gobs of time to do things, but if I can do just one small thing every day I just might get this done... and some progress is better than none... Hopefully the momentum will build. So, today's small thing is a door latch for the upstairs door.  See the second floor porch... great place to sit and do hand work, don'tcha think?

This is how the door was held closed up until now... A BIG bolt stuck in a hole at an angle. Effective, yes, but not quite in keeping with the workspace I am trying to create.

So first...drill a hole through the door

Then put in the lock cylinder and tighten down the plate

See, nice and pretty on the outside. Yes, the door needs painting, but these are baby steps.
Then attach the catch/strike plate on the door frame...

 Mount the lock on the inside of the door

Push the door closed, listen to the solid, comforting, thunk of the door closing and latching

Pat myself on the back for taking one small step toward a new studio. Oh yes, I'm hiding a key outside on the porch. There's no knob on the outside of the door and it is the door to the second floor porch. Locking myself out would mean climbing down the first floor porch roof... not a good idea...

All told, about an hour and a half, including finding tools (the big drill bit was hiding). We will see what tomorrow's project will be.

Don't tell me not to burn the candle at both ends
Tell me where to get more wax!

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Brenda said...

Well, give yourself a huge pat on the back!!!! That is a huge improvement!! And I love the key outside thing.... uh, very important!!
Small steps can create huge impacts - look at the Grand Canyon!! That is still a work in progress, but just think if what it looked like years (and I mean 'years' ago!!) That is a work done daily with small steps - so you are well on your way!!! And it's going to be beautiful!!!