Sunday, January 30, 2011

UFO Challenge Progress

NOTE: this post may be dated Jan 15, but never got finished... UFO's are EVERYWHERE!!!

It's the middle end of the month and I am (still) only one third of the way through my UFO #6. But never fear, I have been working...

There have been customer quilts...

Some small ones...

Some not so small

That I could just go wild on

Yep, right on over the top
And of course there was snow to clear
(I had help with that... What a guy)

The good news is that my orphan spools quilt- now known as the "Ends and Pieces" quilt is quilted and ready for binding bound. This poor little top was found in a yardsale or auction years ago. It isn't terribly well pieced, but I just thought it was fun-

Spools UFO #6

I got lucky and found the perfect border and backing fabrics and never would have imagined the red border would work, but it does. A friend calls me the "Queen of the Accent Border".

Ends and Pieces Quilt
It's become the E and P quilt because I used odd pieces of wool batting and then used partial bobbins of thread in the quilting. It really is coming out cute. The yellow binding is all cut, just waiting to go on done.
The other two quilts are pinned and ready to load on the longarm. Hey, there is still 30-some hours left of January right?

I don't feel bad about this UFO having been on the shelf since 2008. A quilt I just finished for a customer is pushing 20 years! Joan started this quilt in a class in 1991. The blocks are all pieced by HAND! She put it together with the help of a couple of friends and last Thurday it went home ready to go on the bed.

Joan's Sampler
And I have finished some things not on the "official" list...

That grey yarn really didn't want to be socks, but it is now very happy as fingerless mitts. 
And not just plain ones either...Mitts with CABLES... it took no time at all and went so well. I may have to try and knit more.
And a little tote bag kit I won in 2009 is now finished.

So that's the update. We will see what February brings. 


Don't tell me not to burn the candle at both ends
Tell me where to get more wax!

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Design Wall and knitting

My design wall has actually been getting used this week since I finished Carol's quilt.
These are the fabrics I chose for a block swap over on the APQS forum. The blocks are friendship stars using brights and a black-on-white and a white-on-black print
 See... Design wall use!
OK, that was kind of cheating, but it is a WIP on my design wall, and besides, that was last week. This is this week...

See... blocks! Just don't look tooooo close. The HSTs are made with a technique that is new to me. Cutting two large squares, drawing lines and making 8 at once. So far, I'm not thrilled. Since there's no trimming room, that seam allowance has to be perfect, but even sewing RIGHT on the line a few still came up short. I finally went back to my really thin piecing thread (Masterpiece from Superior Threads) and drew lines at 3/16" instead of 1/4" and stitched just inside the line and they were better. Maybe cutting the squares 8" instead of 7-3/4 is the answer. Those two blocks on the bottom, those are the ones that won't be in the swap. Hopefully I can get the rest made this week.

This is a question for all you knitters out there... Does yarn make it's wishes kown like fabric does? You know when you are working on a quilt and you think something is a good idea, but the quilt thinks differently...and no matter what you try stuff just keeps going wrong until you change the border/quilting design/whatever that the quilt doesn't like and then things go smoothly. (OK, to most of you this sounds nuts, but some of you know what I'm trying to say). Well, does yarn do that too? I have been trying to make a pair of socks with this yarn since last March. I love the yarn, but just don't like the way the sock toes come out.

I have started these sock FOUR times and I still don't like them, so tonight I pulled it all out and will try something new- Some cabled fingerless mitts with cables-

 Wish me luck... Yes, I probably am nuts! But hopefully I will have warm hands.

"Don't tell me not to burn the candle at both ends
Tell me where to get more wax!

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Off to a good Start...sort of

I found this post from last week saved as a draft. It proves I had good intentions right???

Well, 2011 is off to a good start, no that's not sarcasm, I have finished the quilt for my niece. The one I started in August 2009. Here is the fabric all pre-washed and drying

I think it made an appearance or two on the design wall Mondays and finally it was a top and Shelby got to see it when I went to Florida last March.
I just couldn't seem to find the right motif for the blank space. Finally I figured this out with some new tools. Maybe that's what the hold-up was.

But now it is finished! Quilted, bound, labeled and ready to go in a box to her on Monday (that's Monday 1/3). One quilt...18 months... I think I need to speed things up a bit.

I have also finished the Planet Patchwork one day mystery from AUGUST! Here it is on the design wall
And now it is finished, bound, labeled and mailed.

That's Minkee on the is sooooo  soft!

So here's to a quilty 2011... I've actually finished two quilts, maybe there's hope!

"Don't tell me not to burn the candle at both ends
Tell me where to get more wax!