Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2011 UFO Challenge

OK, 2011 for me is all about getting hold of my schedule and getting rid of stuff. More on that later, (a post about New Years Modifications  is coming) but I am giving in and joining the UFO Challenge on JudyL's blog. Part of my schedule problem is never having time for my stuff. Hey, the top I made for my niece last March has only just now made it to the quilting machine... and only because she is nagging me on facebook... So why not, maybe some accountability will be a good thing.

Now to pick 12 UFOs... ONLY 12???... I found more than that on just the first, small shelf! But we are taking baby steps here so this is my list, in no order other than how they fell came off the shelf:
  1. 30's Big Star
  2. Snow Business- mystery #124
  3. Unicorn Banner & Quilt show banner (2 small pieces but same stuff needed on both)
  4. Rocket's Red Glare- block swap rom 2005?
  5. Quilting 201 class sample
  6. Sunbonnet Sue/Fungly Spools/Quilting 101 (3 tops that REALLY need to get quilted and done)
  7. Stack & Whack
  8. Katiedid One Day mystery
  9. Log Cabin Swap
  10. Split 9-patch swap
  11. Quilt Pink BOM
  12. NYE 2005 Mystery (yikes)
  13. (Alternate) Hot Flashes BOM
The alternate is in there in case there is something I can't work on for reasons beyond my control- lost patterns, missing pieces, etc. So that's the list. Some of these have been hanging around for years. Most are victims of "out of sight out of mind" One or two I just lost interest in, but I'm too stubborn to give up. I can do this! For me to count it as done it needs to be completely done- pieced, quilted, bound, labeled- (name and date at least). Wish me luck!

"Don't tell me not to burn the candle at both ends
Tell me where to get more wax!

Friday, December 03, 2010

Time, space, quilts...

The mid-week whirl wind is over and I did get some work done today, but posts about that will wait. This gets a bit philosophical but bear with me...it's worth it.

It is amazing how quilting continues to span time and generations and friendships. The quilt I finished on Thursday was pieced by Faye for a friend of hers, Beverly. The fabrics have been in Beverly's family for years (we think the 1940's).

The pieces for the bow-ties and the butterflies were all cut out but left un-finished. These are Bow-ties the hard way- with the center square and 5-sided inset seam. No flippy-corners for this quilt! Faye and Beverly worked out the design and this is the second quilt that has come from that stash and the colaboration. This one will go to Beverly's sister.

Even the back was pieced with family fabrics

So that was Thusday night at quilt class. Wednesday night at my business class, another class member said she had some quilt blocks and could I take a look at them and tell me what I thought. She brought out a stack of 10 or 12 blocks wrapped in a cotton dishtowel. My heart just about stopped. This is what she has...

The first thing you see is the tones of the fabrics. Reproductions are good, but you just "know" when it is the real thing. They are in amazing condition.
There are bits of batting and stitch holes in the edges, so they have been in a quilt but someone (bless them) took the time to un-sew them. Not only is the piecing amazing, but the center of each block has a verse written in the center...

Now take a deep breath...

They are addressed to Martha...

most are signed with first and last names...

and towns and states...

AND DATED 1844...
Apparently this was a quilt for someone leaving on a long journey. Maybe out west? Who knows, but a lot of people really wanted to wish her well. The verses are charming. I hope to get in touch with the quilt study group here in Maine and a couple of other places, but the researcher in me would love to work out this puzzle and find out who Martha was. As I find out I will keep you posted. Any ideas on who to contact are more than welcome.

So there you have my philosopical bit... Friends, generations, time, distance all tied together with quilts. Pretty cool.


"Don't tell me not to burn the candle at both ends
Tell me where to get more wax!

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Yep, She's back...

OK, I know it's been ages since my last post. (Hi Faye) I did not fall off the planet, it just felt that way. Things have been wild and crazy, (and not all in a good way) but are better now. It is still the Christmas rush and I have a big pile of quilts to do, but so far I'm not at the "quilting 'till 3am" level of behind schedule.

Just to prove I haven't been goofing off, how about this quilt I did in November. I've said before that quilts will tell you how to quilt them. Some will mumble and others will speak right up. This one simply would not shut up!

It's a great traditional design that Carmen did in civil war fabrics. You just gotta love that Cheddar yellow. See all those open squares...just asking for quilting... OK... traditional quilt means feathered wreaths. Those looked good, but a bit unfinished, so I added a circle around the wreath. Better, but it needs a background filler, so I tried a small stipple. It would do, but what it really needs is crosshatching. I resisted but finally gave in. I'm really glad I did...

Then finish it off with a feathered border and there you have it.

Yes, it's a bit over the top, but sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. By the way, Carmen loved it. Phew!

Don't tell me not to burn the candle at both ends
Tell me where to get more wax!