Tuesday, May 04, 2010

The Seaside Sampler

Yes, two posts in just a couple of days... I said this was a new beginning...

Two members of the Seaside Quilters group came to pick up their opportunity quilt this morning. It was such a lovely day I had it hanging on the porch so they could get the whole effect.
All the blocks are different and each really shows the individuality of the maker.

And best of all, they let me play with the quilting. And play I did!

Little details all over. The hard part is knowing when to stop. The beams of light from the lighthouse was one of my favorites.

It is an opportunity quilt...in other words there is an opportunity for it to be yours.

And I seem to have figured out some of the formatting on the blog posts. All in all a really good day.

"Don't tell me not to burn the candle at both endsTell me where to get more wax!

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