Monday, February 01, 2010

Design Wall Monday

I didn't get much more done on the class quilt. The snail's trail blocks are done and all I have left is the applique blocks and putting the top together.

I DID get the Primrose quilt DONE.

I thought I was done yesterday about 3pm. But the last border just wasn't quite right. The swags looked good, but naked somehow. So I added the piano keys on the outer edge and it was just right.

There comes a point when you just need to stop, and that was it. You have to leave something un-quilted right?

So here are some (scary) numbers on this quilt:
33.25 hours actual quilting time (no idea on the planning and staring at it thinking)
31 bobbins of thread. The bobbin thread is thicker than what I usually use, so I got fewer yards per bobbin. I get about 70 yards usually, so if we say 50 yards with the thicker stuff then that's 3100 yards of thread (top and bottom) That is close to 2 miles of thread! I will stop here or I will frighten myself.

If anyone is interested, this quilt will be raffled this summer to support the Roques Bluff Community Chapel and I can give you more details if you are interested.

Now I just need to get ready for class on Thursday night. And, oh yeah, the 3 other customer quilts that are waiting in line... No rest for the wicked.

"Don't tell me not to burn the candle at both ends
Tell me where to get more wax!


Diane said...

OMGosh 2 miles of thread!!! I love how you say "no idea how much time planning and just looking at the quilt"--I'm so glad to not be alone in that, I have a hard time deciding what i want to do on a top until it's loaded and then I just stand there and look.
Your quilting is beautiful and the piano keys on the edge just the touch needed.

Teaquilts said...

Beautiful job of quilting the quilt (which is gorgeous.)

Kare said...

Incredible job on the quilting! It truly is a work of art!