Tuesday, June 16, 2009

OK, I was bad...

Yep, I'll come clean. I have been really bad about posting my stash reports. Mostly because I don't use that much fabric. I don't get to piece that much, so a good week for me might be just a couple of yards. I had a piece of paper with yards used for several blocks of my class sampler quilt but it has fallen into a black hole. But since we are coming up on the half-way point in the year, I better get back on the wagon. I am going to estimate 2 yards for those blocks and the first border and call it good.

I also need to confess to adding 12 yards to my numbers earlier this month. But with good cause! I have finally finished all the applique blocks for a BOM I started 3 years ago when I opened the shop. I wanted to learn needle-turn applique and this looked like a good way to do it.

So some of the fabric is for sashing and a border- That's pretty allowable.

Then when I was laying out the blocks I noticed one has a really light background and the rest are fairly medium. I can't have that, can I? Well, I found fabrics to make another block with a better background. And I showed restraint and only got a half yard of each not my usual 2-3 yards.

OK, and then there were a few greens and creams for the Shakespeare in the Park I started in April. But again... restraint... only small pieces. I promise I will do better.

That makes my totals for week 25:

Added this week: 0

Added YTD: 12 yards

Yards Used this week: 0

Yards used YTD: 24.69

Stashbusting YTD: 12.69

Hello, my name is Leslie and I'm a fabric-aholic...

"Don't tell me not to burn the candle at both ends
Tell me where to get more wax!


Monday, June 15, 2009

Design Wall Monday and The New York Minute

To start with, my design wall looks a little different than the first week. The centers of all the Stash Star blocks are done and hanging in nice neat groups of 5. All I have to do is add the background squares to the FG units and put the three rows together.

There is one lonely little test block up in the corner. A friend was making up some really nice "night & day" blocks the other day. And then someone on a forum mentioned they had just found their 45 degree kaleidoscope ruler. Well... gee... I have one of those... I've never used it... maybe I should give it a try... and I have a quilt to make for the The Ark Animal Shelter raffle so why not? It went together really well... then there was a voice...WAIT...YOU CAN'T START ANOTHER QUILT... YOU HAVE TOO MANY PROJECTS NOW!

OK, I will leave that block alone and pull a UFO to finish for the Ark. Aren't you proud of me showing such restraint. Sometimes I hate that voice!

I made that progress week before last. Last week nothing on the design wall changed, since I wasn't there to change anything. My Uncle passed away on Saturday and I made a whirlwind trip to New York City. Booked tickets on Monday, left Wednesday, back on Friday. Spend the weekend playing catch-up and here we are at Monday again. Travel went really well and it was good to see my Aunt, my Brother, renew a couple of acquaintances and make some new friends, even if the reason for the trip was a sad one. I was glad to be home in my small town, but the city really is amazing- public transportation was great, the architecture was lovely and the people were civil, even nice in several cases. I would have loved to have some time to explore. Maybe another trip is in my future...more relaxed this time!

By the way, this is my "little" brother helping my Aunt across the street. At 6'8" you can see why I wasn't worried in the city.

Quilting has got to be a disease! I took very few pictures on the trip, and two were of the carpet in the airport. But don't these look like a quilt block and quilting design? My brother would have died of embarrassment!

In all my catching-up I came across a blog post by Gudrun Erla (GE Designs). She and several other designers are having a Blog Hop starting on Monday. It looks like fun and all the designers are in Minnesota. It's kinda strange that that many big name designers come from one area. But when you think about Minnesota and the 9 months of winter, maybe it makes more sense.

"Don't tell me not to burn the candle at both ends
Tell me where to get more wax!