Friday, May 29, 2009

It must be my lucky day

I just came into the store and was going through the morning "rituals"... you know...turn on the lights, feed the cats, clean the litter box, that kind of stuff. I pulled out the garbage can and it felt really heavy. I look inside and everything is wet. HUH? The store has no plumbing, so all the water I use is brought from home in jugs. Everything else is dry. It is a mystery.

This is the "kitchen" set-up at the store. It's not fancy, but I have a small refrigerator, toaster, electric kettle. Pretty much all I need.
Well I put my water bottles in the fridge and all is made clear. I had turned the fridge down a bit yesterday because one of my bottles of water was frozen. Guess I turned it down a bit too much and the freezer section had defrosted. See that gap in between the boards of the counter? The really good news is that the water ran out of the fridge, across the counter, into the gap and right into the garbage can. How lucky is that??? Yes, I am easily amused and have learned to appreciate the simple things!

On the quilting front and in response to JudyL's question of what's on your design wall... I have parts of the Stash Stars quilt. I am making it bigger, so there are parts for 20 blocks there. I really like thelook of the 30's fabrics. Thank you to whoever mentioned it. The layout is a mess because we had a lot of wind the other day and many of the pieces became shooting stars.

This is my entry in the fiber arts show put on by a local group. They are vintage rose wreath blocks that I set together. I will quilt the day-lights out of it and maybe even do some trapunto behind the roses. Yep, those are prairie points. Don't know what I was thinking!!!

"Don't tell me not to burn the candle at both ends
Tell me where to get more wax!


call me crazy said...

Very lucky waste basket positioning! :-)) Your Stash Stars are very pretty in the 30's!

Julianne's Machine Quilting said...

Very pretty blocks

JudyL said...

How lucky you were that the water all ran into the trash can! Love your star blocks and your rose quilt is going to be beautiful. You'll be so happy with those prairie points . . once they're done. THanks for sharing what you're working on.