Sunday, February 22, 2009

Meet my new assistant

This is Benjamin. His person (a man I work for) had a stroke a couple of weeks ago and no one else really had room for him to stay, so he has moved into the store. Leggs and Emmie are SO not impressed. There is a certain amount of barking and chasing, but they are slowly coming to terms with each other. I don’t think Ben has had this much exercise in a long time. We have established a routine and things are settling down. Do you think having a very spoiled Dachshund will make me as good a quilter as JudyL? It can’t hurt right?

It has almost been Quiltathon here all week. With school vacation I didn’t have quilting class or my business class. And Mike had Monday off so I didn’t go work at the radio station. It has been great. My charity quilts are almost all caught up, I have a customer quilt ready for binding and got another month of my Log Cabin block swap done along with finishing piecing two table runners that were threatening to go from WIP to UFO. I hope to have the Quilting 201 top done by class on Tuesday. I got another block done so all I have left to do are the ones with diamonds and the triangle-in-a-square block. Once I get my “Sunday Chores” started I plan on going to the shop and working.

Thanks to piecing so much my stash report is really good for this week:
Added This week -0-
Added YTD -0-
Used Week 6: .44
Used Week 7: 1.80
Used Week 8: 8.65
Used YTD: 22.69 yards.

"Don't tell me not to burn the candle at both ends
Tell me where to get more wax!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

One month closer to Spring

That's the best way I can think of to look at January being gone so quickly. Wow it seemed like never-ending cold and yet, where did the month go? I re-wrote my 3-month calendar since it was the first. It looks so sane and organized- for a day or two at least!

Not much fabric used in week 4- I spent way too much time trying to decide on a pattern for the upcoming quilting class I’m teaching. My schedule got a little re-arranged at the last minute. When I spoke to the Adult Ed coordinator we agreed that class would start on Feb 10th since she wasn’t sure when the schedule would get out. Well I got the flyer in the mail a few days later and SURPRISE... class starts a week earlier on Feb 3rd! Once I got the design figured out I went to my stash and it was so frustrating! Either the color was right and there wasn’t enough yardage or if there was enough fabric it was (you guessed it) not the right color. And since I lost that extra week, getting more fabric wasn’t an option. I finally tweaked the quilt and managed to come up with fabrics I think will work together, but it was an aggravating and time wasting exercise.

This is the quilt I finally settled on for the intermediate class. I call it Quilting 201.

This is the Quilting 101 top. Week 5’s stashbusting report is better because I actually put borders on it and started the Quilting 201 top.

So, my Stash report for week 4 and 5:
Yardage in: -0-
Yardage in YTD: -0-
Yardage used week 4 & 5: 2.64
Yardage used YTD: 11.8

As I have been piecing the class quilts, I have been working on the Quiltville Double Delight as a leaders & enders. Still on step 1 but making progress. That's Leggs who was helping me count. Each little bundle is 10 units. They do add up. I think I have about 130. That's a few more than I need but even numbers of bundles are easire to keep track of.

Hope everyone is staying warm out there.

"Don't tell me not to burn the candle at both ends
Tell me where to get more wax!