Sunday, January 11, 2009

What do you get...

When you mix an online mystery scrap quilt, a quilter/stashbuster who loves spreadsheets and a closet math geek? Then trap that math geek in a cold house when she would rather be sewing? Well, you get a spreadsheet that helps figure yardage from the pieces you cut for your quilt! I will explain...

I started cutting fabrics for the Double Delight mystery on . I also want to keep track of the yardage I use this year. More to know how much fabric is in each quilt than just to bust stash. As I'm cutting out zillions of squares and triangles, it was the Stash challenge and Judy's love of spreadsheets that got me thinking. I could make one that would calculate the total yardage if I put in the size and quantity of each piece. Then I don't have to figure number and width of strips, etc. And some of my pieces were cut from pretty small scraps! So, I released my inner math geek and came up with this:

All I have to do is enter the size and number of pieces and it figures the yardage. There are probably some already available on line, but I really enjoyed the mental exercise of figuring out the formulas.

Remember "Pie 'R square"? No pie are round cornbread are square. OK, bad math joke.

I also made a sheet to track what is cut for each quilt. I have decided that to count as out of the stash the fabric must be cut. If I wait until the quilt is finished I may not have a yardage entry until 2015! It is simpler:
My official Stash Usage report for week 2 is:
Yards in: 0
Yards out: 1.67
YTD yard i: 0
YTD yards out: 1.67
Not great but it is a start.

So, that is pretty much what I did today. Other than the usual breakfast and dishes. Good news is 1-Mike ran the snow blower so I didn't have to and 2-I didn't have to do laundry... couldn't do laundry is actually more correct. The pipe to the washer froze and burst. I thought I had it turned off but I guess it wasn't completely empty. So there is a plumbing chore in my near future. Yes, math geek and DIY plumber...I am a multi-talented woman!

Oh, and you asked about the cold house... The furnace is having issues so with 6" of snow tody and a low of 3 degrees, we are relying on the propane heater and the wood stove. We could manage today and I really didn't want to call the oil guy out on a snowing Sunday. Have I mentioned I hate winter? But things will be better tomorrow.

"Don't tell me not to burn the candle at both ends
Tell me where to get more wax!


Dianne B. said...

Gosh, I wish I had your math skills! I'm good with fractions but still struggling with calculating yardages. Well done with your spreadsheet! Take care, have a great week.

Morah said...

OMG! If you should happen to forward that little spreadsheet to a math failure, it would be well loved! My DH created a sheet for me to use to calculate exercise/calories ect. I knew what I wanted just not how to get it!

Sherry said...

Gee, I got one of those Quilter's Calculators a year or so ago. . .maybe that will give me the same info that you worked up (since I am NOT a math geek).

Keep up the good work !

Lori in South Dakota said...

honey--when do you find time to sew??!! (hey, I have a leaky sink, I need a good plumber!)