Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Nike Day and Other Stuff

Post from Thursday:

OK you ask "what does a little long arm quilter in east-of-nowhere Maine have to do with a major international super-corporation". Well, I had so many little picky things to do today, all those little odds and ends that you say “I’ll get to it in a minute” and then never do. They were making me nuts…everywhere I looked… so I have a Nike Day… If I see something that needs doing … Like Nike says… JUST DO IT. And it works! I have been busy all day picking-up, vacuuming, etc. and none of these are great accomplishments, but they are one less thing bugging me every time I turn around.

The list so far:
  • Sewed the label on the flannel orphan quilt- took 15 minutes- been pinned on for 18 months

Put up the second bar for hanging quilts- took 30 minutes (since I had to find the drill) - found the missing bracket 6 months ago

  • Cleaned the dog’s ears- took about 10 minutes but I hate doing it- anybody with a home remedy for slimy Labrador ear, please let me know.

  • De-cat-haired all the favorite sleeping spots in the store- ½ an hour, but I found a couple of sample I was looking for under one of the cat mats

  • Sent my ad into Quilt Traders Newsletter 2 weeks early- not at the last minute
Maybe it was a reward, but I got the church raffle quilt today. This is the same lady who pieced the amazing 3-D applique quilt last year. She is such a great customer, she gives me a budget and then lets me do what I want and her piecing is amazing. This year’s quilt has 1600 pieces in just that center basket and each one finishes at ONE INCH. I feel like I have had too much sugar or caffeine just looking at it and starting to plan. Look at all that space for quilting... I see feathers... Lots of feathers!

Just remind me of this feeling when I am doing SID around all those tiny squares… and you know it just has to be done.

That was the post I started on Thursday. Somehow it never got posted, but the rest of the day went along pretty much the same. I got several little picky things done and that feels good.

Friday I finished one of Carmen’s quilts and started the second one. They are matching twin size and of course they are Kaffe Fassett… They are Carmen’s! (sorry no pictures yet)

I had a real treat in the afternoon. The sales rep from Checker Distributors stopped by. I have not seen one sales rep from any company in the three years I have been in business. Heck, just getting them to return a phone call was like pulling teeth. I guess the economy is so tough they have to look at even little-old-me. Pauline is new to Checker and is very nice. I don’t spend much with Checker, but you can be sure I will be spending more if I can and it will be through her not their order desk.

Saturday I took a break from quilting to do some piecing on the Double Delight and needed to cut some more pieces. Well, when I went to enter them in the yardage-to-date spreadsheet, I found I had forgotten the New Years Day mystery I had cut out and not gotten to do because of the plumbing adventure. So, I get to add the forgotten yardage to my stash report retro-active to week 1. That makes this week’s paltry .74 yards look much better.

Yardage in: -0-
Yardage in YTD: -0-
Yardage used week 3(and week 1): 7.49
Yardage used YTD: 9.16

It is suddenly Sunday and the adventures continue… It has snowed ALL DAY. I planned to make my bread and go to the store and quilt all day. Guess again! The bread was going really well and I got some stuff done on the computer and then when I started pre-heating the oven for the bread and there is an awful smell. Not a burning smell, but a chemical, burn your eyes smell… from the gas stove… well after vacuuming everything I could find behind the stove (yuk!) just in case there was something stuck in an air vent I decided the smell is just plain scary and punched down my perfectly risen loaves and put them in the fridge. I will call my propane guy in the morning and plan crock-pot dinners for a few days. For only being 18 days old, 2009 really STINKS.

OK, I’m done whining now. I have cleared the snow off the driveway with 45 minutes on the snow blower, the dishes are done, Mike has football on the TV, I think I’ll take my laptop and my brownie and my (small) glass of medicinal whiskey (running a snow blower is cold hard work) and work on the quilt for new semester’s adult ed class. Yep, That sounds like a plan.

Everybody stay warm out there.

"Don't tell me not to burn the candle at both ends
Tell me where to get more wax!

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whiskey with lemon--you have a COLD!! LOL!!