Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hope springs eternal...

Or there’s eternal hope of Spring… Or something like that.

After all the snow, it was a bit of a trudge over to the Post Office this morning. But I did find a sure sign of Spring in my mailbox.
My Daffodil Letter came today! For the past 4 years I have been helping an elementary school class Atlanta Georgia. Every year, as a class project, they track the progress of the first blooming daffodil up Route 1 from Florida to Maine. I know it’s not much, and the letter will be clipped to my calendar for about the next 4 months, but how can a letter like this not make you smile and think of warmer days?
On a quilty note, I spent about an hour working on the Double Delight (still step 1) but Every day I get a few more done. And the catalog for the state guild show came today. I think there's some late night reading in my future tonight.

If you have ever wondered what the aftermath of 19” of snow looks like, take a peek!
I never thought one of the things I would take pride in would be my skill with a snow blower. But to tell you the truth, I’m pretty good with it. At least if we had to get this much yukky white stuff it picked a good time. A snowy Sunday is just a good excuse to do nothing and the guys had football to watch. Add in the Monday holiday with no school and lots of people off work. It could have been MUCH more unpleasant!

I have also found a great plow-guy. There is just a limit to how much I can do with the snow blower and he did this and the whole driveway to the store in about 10 minutes. As a reference- that pile is about 6 feet high. The weather forecast doesn't show any more for a while. I hope they are right.
By the way, anyone who was curious about my bread loaves from Sunday and the oven issues... You can bake bread in your gas grill! I had punched down the loaves and put them on cookie sheets in the fridge and Monday I had this idea, so I gave it a try. The bottoms got a bit dark, but all-in-all they are tasty. Free-form artisan loaves...don't they charge extra for those?

"Don't tell me not to burn the candle at both ends
Tell me where to get more wax!


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Brenda said...

I love the daffodil idea. I live in Atlanta and it has been realllly cold the last few days. However,my daffodil's have started coming up.