Monday, December 01, 2008

I almost made it

Yep, I almost made it... Almost made two posts in one month. But I sat down to write about all the stuff I had done in November and dozed off waiting for the page to load. Dial-up can be a real pain!

So here it is the first of December... I surely don't know how that happened. I hope everyone had a happy thanksgiving. Like everything else recently, mine was a grey blurr. I actually spent a bunch of the day at the store quilting. We didn't do the whole big meal thing. I did my usual bread baking on Sunday though and it was a very good bread week. Two loaves of white and FOUR loves of brown serendipity bread. I'm calling it that because it started off as cracked wheat bread, but I ended up adding sourdough starter, whole wheat flour molasses, honey, and anything else that sounded interesting. It is really good and really fluffy. But I can never reproduce it!

On a sad note, I'm going to have to say goodbye to some old friends this year. I wrapped up the apple seedlings on Sunday and have to face the truth...My wellies (garden boots) have finally reached that point. I was trying to figure out how long I had them and when I asked my husband, he said I had them as long as he has known me. Well that's almost 20yrs so I guess I got my money's worth. But it seems sad to throw out such old friends like, well, an old shoe. Maybe they could work as some funky planter...OK maybe not

So finally to make this quilty and so you know I really have been working...

First:Cindy's Batik Irish Chain. Don't be deceived, that is a king size quilt and on cotton batting it weighs a ton. But it is gorgeous. Lots of blues and golds.

Second is a crib size IC with Teddy Bears, also Cindy's.

Cindy is the Queen of Irish chains. She even manages to get all her directional prints going in the same direction. No Teddy Bears on their heads here!

So that's the highlights for now. Lots of customer quilting to do before Christmas and then maybe a bit of time for me.

"Don't tell me not to burn the candle at both ends
Tell me where to get more wax!

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