Saturday, April 19, 2008

The new "Quilting Year"

It's mid-April and I have just gotten back from a wonderful time at MQX (Machine Quilters Exposition) and I had an idea. I've had lots of ideas over the last 3 days and they are all muddled together in my tired brain, but this one has surfaced right now.

You know how businesses have various "fiscal years" according to when their busy time is? For example the Post Office runs budgets and stuf from October 1 to September 31. Well, I think I need to have a "Quilting Year". Just a time frame so I can set goals, make modifications (resolutions), evaluate decisions, al that kind of stuff. And I think it should be April 1 to March 31. April is when I got my machine, and April is when MQX is held. So now would be a great time to evaluate things, put new goals in place, etc. It was 2 years ago after my first MQX that I decided I wanted to be primarily a quilter (no PO or other job) and have a quilt in a show by the next year (2007). Well, it took a bit longer than planned, but I am definitely quilting almost full time and I have had a quilt in a major show. So that's 2 things to cross off the list. So, modifications for this "quilting year" include:
  1. Get better at scheduling customer quilts and getting them done on time.
  2. Do more consistent advertising.
  3. Spend more time working on piecing quilts for me and quilting my own quilt.
  4. Get comfortable with my new Circle Lord.
  5. Finish the upstairs studio so I can be more comfortable and efficient (see #1-4)

So Happy New Quilting Year to everyone. I have got to go to "work" ... I have toys to pay for.

Don't tell me not to burn the candle at both ends
Tell me where to get more wax!

Friday, April 18, 2008

That's me at MQX

It's official...I have a quilt hanging in a show! And I have the "Thanks for participating"ribbon to prove it. Faye and I got to MQX on Thursday and looked around a bit, but didn't find my quilt in the main display area. Friday we started in the Armory- the other display area. I really tried to just start at the door and walk around like a lady, but after about 5 minutes I gave up. I want to see my quilt and I want to see it NOW. So I walk (fairly briskly) through the rows of quilts until I find it... hanging there just like all the others.

And it doesn't look out of place, it doesn't look like the kid's artwork among the old masters. There may not be any crying in Baseball... but there was crying at a quilt show. No, it didn't win anything, I didn't expect it to. But somehow seeing it there made me feel like a real professional quilter. I am really looking forward to the judges comments.

The rest of the show has been amazing. I have done my share of stimulating the economy but have not completely lost my will power. I did buy the Circle Lord and several templates to go with it. That should keep me busy for several weeks. The big splurge was a copy of the re-print of Karen McTavish's book Whitework Quilting. I was going to order it (at wholesale) but when we got to the show today, Karen is sitting at one of the booths autographing copies. So, how's a girl to pass that up? This book has been touched by the hand of the Goddess.. That's got to be good karma.
Tomorrow its home, by way of the discount fabric store in Waterville, and back to reality. But it is reality with new toys... I can live with that.
Right now it is almost Midnight, I'm beat and like your basic 3 year old, too tired to go to bed... well...maybe ...just... put..... my .......head down... z..z...z...z..

"Don't tell me not to burn the candle at both ends
Tell me where to get more wax!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

How about Tango Salsa?

I have been working... Really...

Besides working on that great applique quilt, this is a few of the other things I've been trying to get done:

I wasn't really going to do the Orange Crush mystery on Quiltville. I only got to step #3 on the Carolina Crossroads. But, I was looking for something on my desk the other day and came across some stamps I had saved. I loved the way the colors worked together. Even though they aren't colors I would put together myself.

So, you know how it goes... the fabrics start whispering to you... and the 2" strips are already cut... and... and... and OK, I'm weak. These are the fabrics I found to use as the "planned" fabrics. There isn't quite enough of a couple, but this is a scrap quilt and I figure I can just wing it. But it's definitely not "Orange Crush" Since the stamps were all about Latin about Tango Salsa?

I did this quilt for Fran. It's a light spring-y design and BOY DO WE NEED THAT. The custom quilting doesn't show much in the pictures, it does in the quilt. It shows really well on the back.

In case somebody hasn't heard, there is a new larger size flat rate priority box. It is 12X12X5 I think. I can only imagine how many yards of fabric you can get in that one! Leggs thinks it is just the perfect size for a nap.

Now it's back to work. I've got binding to finish hand stitching- and then quilts to get caught up. Faye and I are leaving next Thursday for MQX in New Hampshire. I'm trying hard to concentrate, but it's getting harder every day.

"Don't tell me not to burn the candle at both ends
Tell me where to get more wax!