Saturday, March 29, 2008

I love my job

I really need to get something posted here, since Tracy was so kind to mention my blog in hers.

The Love without boundaries quilts were so cute. She did a great job with the piecing. I really hope they do well in the auction.

Life went from not so quilty to really quilty all at once. I just finished what may be the most spectacular quilt I have worked on to date.
This is the applique quilt I got from the customer back in late December. I worked up a design and sent her samples. It was finished on Thursday and she picked it up today...and loved it.There's always that little insecure fear when a customer comes for their quilt.
I really did lots of quilting but I'm very happy with the results. It was on & off themachine a couple of times since I had other quilts to do and this one could get a little intense at times. Sometimes a simple panto can clear your head. There wasn't anywhere I could hang it for a picture of the whole quilt, but it is on display at a local bank all summer while they sell tickets so I can get one then.

I'll have to get the pictures together of the other quilts I did too.

The Second Saturday Charity Quilting is going well. I started adding up the numbers and I'm over 64,000 square inches so far. I've got to figure out how to make a counter or graphic to show the progress.

Well, back to work. Tomorrow is baking/housework/laundry day... and I have some quilting to do, swap blocks that are late, and I'd REALLY like to do Bonnie's new mystery. I'm still stuck on step #3 of the Carolina Crossroads. Oh well what's one more UFO?

"Don't tell me not to burn the candle at both ends
Tell me where to get more wax!