Friday, January 18, 2008

A day of Firsts...

Today (or yesterday since it is really late) was a day of firsts.

  1. I joined my first web ring. The ring is for bloggers doing Bonnie's Carolina Crossroads Mystery. I know, I'm slow joining, but I'm getting there. And having to post progress on it once a week will hopefully keep me motivated. I am currently 1/2 way through step 1, but I have a plan to get through 2 & 3 almost simultaneously. Yes, I cheated and is a great design, and I would never have even thought of starting it if I had seen the end result.

  2. I have entered my first quilt in a show. Or at least I have sent in the application. Machine Quilters Exposition (MQX) is now a juried show, so I sent in the entry form, pictures and the check and I will wait. It isn't a big show quilt- It's just the Quilt for an Hour pattern that Judy L did on on her blog last year. I wasn't planning on sending it, it's just edge-to-edge quilting. I just kept getting "nudged" First, there's several reminders about the deadline being 1/15- I don't have anything to enter so I ignore them. Then in a post on the yahoo group one of the MQX founders reminds people to enter the E2E category...hint hint. But the deadline is past...Oh Well. Then in another post they say that because of all the snow and trouble getting to the Post Office, and entry postmarked this week will be accepted. So now I have no excuse. The envelope will go out in the mail tomorrow and maybe I will be sending a quilt to New Hampshire in the spring!

  3. I got asked for my permission to reprint something I said/typed. On one of the yahoo groups, I posted some reasons why, in these uncertain economic times, quilts are better than oil. It was silly (kind of) but it may work as a radio commercial. Well, I got an email from a lady in PA who would like to put it in her guild newsletter. How cool is that?

Well, it's way past my bed-time, so I'll say godnight and finish tomorrow.

"Don't tell me not to burn the candle at both ends
Tell me where to get more wax!

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