Saturday, August 04, 2007

I just love Saturdays

Maybe the novelty will wear off soon, but I just love this Saturday morning stuff. It seems easier to get out of bed, I get stuff done, and today I get to go to a quilt show! Mary and I were going to take the Town Hall quilt to the show and sell tickets, but we couldn't get the canopy to sit under, and neither of us is up to a full day in the sun, so we are just going as spectators. The show is held in a church in Perry (I think). They hold it every other year. One of the organizers is Bonnie Hunter... not the Stashbusters-Scrap Queen Bonnie Hunter...Maine's Bonnie Hunter. Kinda weird, huh? Two Bonnie Hunters, both seriously into quilting.

I never mentioned the last of the "green quilt day" quilts. Sheri's "patchwork therapy" had lots of chunky borders and I couldn't decide what to do in them, so I did a little bit of everything. Each piece has something different in it... there are freehand leaves, stenciled feathers, you name it I think it's there. It was fun to make it up as I went along and went along with the "funky-ness" of the quilt. There's more pictures on the webshots page in the July 2007 album.

Well, got to pack lunch for the show. Hope to come home with lots of ideas.

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