Tuesday, August 21, 2007

'Cause I'm a woman... W-O-M-A-N

This was the week that wasn't
OK, we all know that weekend that begins with this, can't be good...

The washer has been broken for about two weeks, so two trips to the laundromat (yuk). But now...my husband's truck blew a brakeline, so he has my Jimmy and there's no way I'm WALKING to the laundromat, so...Sunday I finally had the time to turn it over and investigate. I was hoping to simply find a broken belt- No such luck, but I did find the villain-

The link between the motor and the drive assembly (thank you to the Internet for schematics) had given it's life so the motor wouldn't burn out. Monday (I'm still stranded at home) I call and yes there's one in stock, send my dear husband to get it and spend the evening putting it in after work. One small hitch to solve re-connecting the water supplies and I should be back in business. - Update- The hook-up went pretty well but there's a small problem with the hot water line to work out, but washing in cold water is better than doing it in the sink!

During this week I have 2 quilts to do with deadlines. I believe quilts tell you how they want to be quilted, but these two were mumbling. I got the first one done Friday night, the second one will go faster, since the designing is already done. They are really sweet and I'm happy with the quilting.

These are pieced for a customer by Sarah at Downeast Quilting (my binding wizard) The weather has been dreary, so I'll get better pictures when the sun comes out.

This is the back so you can see the quilting.

In the meantime, I have also quilted 3 charity quilts as

well as baking bread for the week, making a zucchini bread and nursing a sick cat.

So, I've been cook, quilter, nurse and washing machine repair person, no wonder I didn't get anything posted on the blog. I'll try to do better next week with the posting.

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