Monday, July 16, 2007

Town Hall Quilt is Done...and Independence Day

My part of the Town Hall quilt is done. It is now off to have the binding finished and start making it's rounds of displays in and around town. I love the way it came out, but I'm very glad to see it on it's way. Between everyone helping with the applique, designing the layout, getting approval, piecing and quilting this project has been going on almost 2 years. My name is all over the label and the signage, so hopefully I will get some business out of it. There's lots more pictures of the quilt on my webshots June 2007 album

On a business note... I am FREE of the Post Office. Now I can have real posted hours at the store and not have to worry about getting called in to work. The scary part is giving up what I thought of as outside money. You know, you go to work, you get paid...Not always the way if you own your own business. There's no guarantee I will get quilts, but I finally realized there was no guarantee of work at the Post Office either, just 4 hours on Saturday morning. And I made more money doing a queen size panto after work than I would working 8 hours at the Post Office. No, I am not the most expensive quilter in town...the pay at the Post Office is just that bad. So after 2 years of having my machine, I am finally a Professional Machine Quilter as my primary job... feels pretty good.

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