Thursday, June 07, 2007

More Feathers and Green Quilt Day

It's a good thing I'm in a mood to quilt feathers. This is the big raffle quilt I have to get done. Big in so many ways... it's 94 X 109's one of the big fund raisers for the Town Hall Building Restoration Committee... and it is covered in big juicy feathers! Can you tell I'm pleased at how it's coming out?

We started with some donated Dresdan Plates, appliqued them by hand, and then just to make things interesting, I designed the pots and borrowed the chain border. Everyone has been pleased so far.

There's still the detail work in the chain border to finish and an outer border of feathers and the binding. The committee had a yard sale last Saturday and wanted the quilt on display to start selling tickets. So it made it's debut a bit unfinished and still sold almost $100 worth of tickets. I'm hoping to get it finished this weekend.

Saturday was very strange... I had 3 quilts brought in for quilting by three different customers. That's unusual in itself. But all three are green, not just have green in them... but GREEN...they are all very different, but still very green. Glad that's my favorite color! Maybe I need more green thread?